I know I posted this photo not long ago, but to me, it speaks volumes about friendship, something worth celebrating any time of year. True friendships are priceless. They can take on many forms. So many of you that follow my blog I have never met face to face, but feel a kinship hard to describe. The circle continues to grow and I enjoy getting to know each of you as we continue to share bits and pieces of ourselves with each other. To those that follow in silence, know I appreciate and feel your presence even without words. To all of you, near and far, Haiku to You!

We meet as strangers
Within moments friendships form
And last a lifetime

Cheers, Margie


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  2. I feel sheepish restating what TexWisGirl said, but when I opened the page, the first thing I said was “I love that photo.” It says so much about friends. Consider my hand in part of your friendship circle. Thanks. Barb

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