Delirious elves from lack of sleep
Envious reindeer as Rudolph always leads
Candles burn brightly
Everybody getting ready
Merry making
Bundles of toys in Santa’s pack
Elves still delirious
Rudolph lights the way

I can’t believe it’s here! Let the merry making begin. Margie

16 thoughts on “JOLLY DECEMBER

  1. That’s the funnest spelling of December that I’ve ever read.
    Love the photo. Very festive and fun post.
    Wishing you the Merriest of Merry this Holiday Season! 🙂

  2. Merry Merries to you too MM,
    Your enthusiasm is contagious!


    PS: Today is my ‘other’ special Margies birthday so Dec 1 is always a special day in our home and birthday celebrations are a lovely way to start the festivities.

  3. Yeah Christmas is here. Christmas tree is up and ready to be decorated. Just had my first slice of my homemade Christmas cake. Present wrapping will happen on the weekend. Middle of December a trip into the city of Melbourne to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations they have put up for daylight and night hours. For me December is not only about Christmas but my wedding anniversary, my birthday and my son’s birthday and our annual holiday to the seaside.

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