No better way to do so than to share my first holiday card from dear friend Carolyn, my Texas Queen. She is larger than life with a heart as big to match. Carolyn is so much fun and her card says it all. What a hoot! By the way, her gorgeous horse is named “Vegas” and her gown is the same gown worn by Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman“, created for her by Vickie Tiel, seamstress to the stars. I kid you not. She is a trip! Thanks for 12 years of friendship my dear CF!

Let the holidays begin. I am always in the spirit after Thanksgiving, just not before Halloween for goodness sake. It gets earlier every year!

XO, Margie


  1. Hey! I have the same dress, I don’t fill it out as well, and the neckline comes up right around my neck. It has sleeves…long sleeves and it’s a little bluer. But it looks really good with a horse, just like Carolyn’s does.
    Everybody needs a friend from Texas. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to live large.

  2. Aboslutely love this card, she sounds like that uber fun friend you just makes you a better person for knowing them. You didn’t even need to add all the information in, although glad you did, i love her too, as that photo truly said it all. Thanks for sharing Carolyn with us too. Love Posie

  3. Fun! She looks a lot prettier than Miss Julia did! Wow, I do not even know what I am going to do for a Christmas card this year. Thanks for your sweet comments Margie. They mean a lot.

    Ciao bella,

    • Suzanne, I can’t wait to see what glorious Christmas card you create from your stash of talents! Hope you will share it with your fans!
      And yes, Carolyn is a bombshell when she is glammed up. I just shake my head. WOW!

  4. You are my new PR Lady! Wow! I look better in pictures. Thank you for your sweet, sweet comments. You touch my life everyday! I love you. Your CF

  5. I love horses and I love red dresses and glamor.;) This is a beautiful way of sending a Christmas greeting.;)
    She seems like a stunning Lady as well, and who woudl not want to have a dress from one of the most Romantic movies of all times.;)

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