I just had to arrange and snap a photo of these cute feather pens on the table at this Scandinavian Cafe in Duluth, Minnesota. The sun was coming through the window as we sat and had an iced tea. I couldn’t resist. Such a simple idea to add color.

I’m going to add a feather to my pen right now! Happy Friday, Margie

24 thoughts on “THIS CAUGHT MY EYE

  1. Oh I love colors, thus this indeed speaks volumes to me.;) Furthermore, living in Denmark and having been raised in Sweden, I perfectly understand the text on the menu.;))
    “Thank you for the food”:;)

  2. I looked for about a week for feathers. I needed them for my Saloon girl outfit and the Hurty-Gurtie girl shop closed in about 1900. I never thought of using these colorful pens. Instead, I’m hanging around fishing shops asking if they have big feathers. Lovely photo. How prepared you are to snap a photo anywhere.

  3. Good morning! Especially love your photo today because my father’s parents came here from Sweden. Poppa Ernie, who worked on the railroad, and Nanna lived in Milwaukee. Nanna made coffee cake and special pancakes. When she was older, my dad took her back to Sweden for a visit.

  4. What a great idea!
    A couple of weeks ago, my cousin’s seven year old daughter found a hawk feather on her way home from school. When she got home, she trimmed the quill end, watered down some of her paints, and spent the rest of the afternoon writing with her quill pen!

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