an old fashioned Thanksgiving filled with light hearts and playful spirits!

Thankful hugs, Margie

20 thoughts on “WISHING YOU ALL…

  1. Oh! How did you get a picture of me?? I’m in the last photo. The woman at the right hand side of the page next to the edge. The woman in the white beret. NO! Not the one looking down. I’ve just kicked her in the foot for the 20th time because her pointy little elf hat knocks into my nose when she whips her head around. And let me tell you, she goggles that head like she’s watching a tennis match. She thinks it’s one of the brats that’s stepping on her. About 4 more kicks and she’ll be tossing kids in front of Mickey Mouse. WhooWee. I’ll be slipping through the crowd to baste my turkey. Whoever heard of going to a parade when there’s so much bird to bake?
    (Great photos…thanks for letting me poke fun).

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