That would be me! I honestly surprised the heck out of myself rendering these two pastels.  Maybe it should be my medium of choice, as when it comes to painting, drawing, etc., I struggle. Hmmm. I ordered the big kahuna set of pastel chalks so I have ALL the colors. It will feel like Christmas when they arrive next week, as you know how I LOVE art supplies! If anyone out there has a simple way of photographing art work, please let me know. There is plenty of room for improvement on my end in that regard.

Have a wonderful, somewhat calm start to your week. The holidays are coming, ready or not!

Creative hugs on my way out the door to art class, Margie

25 thoughts on “CHANNELING DEGAS

  1. Howdy! Just discovered you thru Lula Harp. Love your photos! Not sure if you are in Portland, but if you’re looking for art supplies I love I’ve Been Framed at Foster and Powell. Don’t know much about photographing art tho. 🙂

  2. Seriously I thought the first one was a Degas and then I read the title of the post properly – great work MM!

    The second one has a luscious quality to it, perhaps because of the subject is so absorbed in her activity and oblivious to the observer.

    So enjoying these viewings from your art classes and I’d give two thumbs up for continuing with the pastels!

    Happy day!

  3. Margie, your pastels are wonderful!! My eyes went right to the first piece without looking at the heading and immediately thought Degas! Then I saw the heading :)! Love your work!

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