I am a breakfast queen. I wake up hungry. I can eat breakfast any time of the day.

“Eggstra” big hugs, Margie


  1. I agree with coffee. Coffee! Gotta have the coffee…
    We make our in a Bialetti espresso maker and we spice it up with hawaig or cinnamon 🙂 (If someone is interested I have a recipe for hawaig in my blog…)
    I also like big breakfasts, but these days we only find time for them in the weekends. We eat together almost every day, but in the weekdays it’s just a small, quick meal (and of course the coffee!).

    • Cardinal! I was about to send out the troops. You have been MIA for a bit, at least it seems that way. Bialetti is my favorite type of espresso for cappuccinos. Whenever I see that name on the cup it is served in I smile.

    • Hi Connie! Thank you. Hmmm. I think I was able to capture it because the sun was coming through and lighting the island in my kitchen just right. And, it was directly after I filled the cup with boiling water. The combo worked. I get my best indoor shots of fruit and whatnot in the same area. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Coffee, coffee – must have coffee!
    I love breakfast too! Most days, cereal or toast or yogurt, but Sunday breakfast is time for eggs, bacon and even biscuits!

  3. Hi Margie, if you try clicking on the ‘follow’ button on the RHS of my blog, not far below my ‘about me’ section, you might be able to follow my blog. Good luck, Blogger plays silly buggers with me all the time. Love Posie

  4. Oh i love this, breakfast is something i plan on treasuring when we move onto the farm, especially if we’ve been up doing animal chores before school & are hungry!! Do eggs ever fail, or fruit for that matter?? Gorgeous, love Posie

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