A crick in his neck
From looking to the heavens
He must know something

But what could it be?
Maybe he wants to keep it
A secret from us

 I’m sure it’s all good
As most things heavenly are
But only he knows

I have been following this blog called Dou Dou. It is all about these adorable miniature birds created out of clay by the artist of this clever site. She decided to run a contest where you have to write a short story about this bird, and the winner scores this cute little fella. Well I couldn’t resist, and whipped up a haiku about him. Not sure it will qualify to win as it isn’t a “story”, but I love it anyway. Make sure you pop over to Dou Dou. Her work is quirky, fun and irresistible.

Dou Dou hugs, Margie

20 thoughts on “HAIKU TO YOU, DOU DOU!

  1. Hey Margie!

    What wonderful photography in past posts ~ love those hydrangeas. Congratulations on your new Etsy shop ~ it looks wonderful. Thank you as always for stopping by to say hello.

    Ciao bella,

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