Although the summer residents are long gone and the sounds of children playing at the beach are a distant memory, the lifeguard chair remains, longing for the winter to be over before it starts. An empty dock against the still water on a sunny fall day, provides a spot for gulls to sun themselves, at the moment off foraging for food scraps. I find such peace in shots like these. The last of them for this year as winter heads our way.

Zen hugs, Margie


  1. I’m homesick for summer already too… Your photos hold a comforting sense of calmness and peace. But there is also a sense of forlorn sadness of the end of the season and the long wait until next year. Thanks for sharing these lovely scenes of summer. 🙂

  2. Such beautiful shots of sites that are usually bustling with activity. I think summer went by way too fast and I fear we’re in for a long, cold winter.

  3. Looking forward to the summer as well. The autumn is nice and the winter has it’s charm for a while, but the two of them combined: they just last too long!
    Oh well, at least I can iceskate in a month or two.

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