And Houston, we have lift off! At least for the side bar button that connects you to my soon to be opened etsy shop, ZenEyes! See it? If you click on it, you are magically transported there, LOL! For me, this is a big deal as I was struggling today to find the URL for that image. Thanks to blogging bud E.C., and her technical know-how, I learned how to find a URL when the usual way of doing it doesn’t work! Thanks E.C. from the bottom of my heart. Sure am glad you were by your computer this morning, as I felt I was connected to a rapid response team of one!!!

An extended thank you to Tiffin Mills and Cathy Bluteau for answering many questions during this journey as well. I will probably have more, LOL, but for now, I feel things are under control. The only thing left for me to do is make some beautiful Haiku cards. I won’t open without them. Give me a few more days. Almost ready to hit the ground running!! Yippee!!

Grateful hugs for all the help, Margie

14 thoughts on “TESTING TESTING 1 2 3

  1. Aw shucks Margie, it t’werent nuthin’ 😉
    I was happy to help. Your graphic looks great & the link works perfectly. I took the magic transport click there. lol
    Give me a hollar if you have anymore questions and I’ll do my best to try and help find the answers.
    Thanks for the great compliments and for the link, you’re a peach! 🙂

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