Went for a lovely walk with hubby and Quincy on Saturday in Linden Park which is ten minutes from our house. The day was glorious. The path through the woods was wide and soft with wood chips. As we were absorbing the beauty surrounding us, the sun glistening through the trees casting dappled light, these appeared to our complete delight, left by someone who certainly was being creative with the natural surroundings. A gift that kept on giving long after they left the trail. A gift of serendipity as my friend Felicity would say. Enjoy!

I would love to meet the person or persons who did this and say “thank you”. May you find an unexpected gift today or the next day or the next. It’s usually when you least expect it.

Appreciative hugs, Margie

16 thoughts on “WOODSY WONDERS

  1. Whoever left the beautiful art must have a good heart. I must say that some of the wood formations is most curious looking and fun. The flowers are lovely. I’m so glad you had your camera and are now sharing the good cheer and pleasure of seeing unexpected beauties with us. 🙂

  2. Glorious!

    As Ellen Grace so eloquently put it “Thank you” for sharing this gift forward.
    I can imagine the fun the original ‘Gifter’ had in creating this trail of happiness and I can imagine too your delight in discovering and capturing so beautifully each one.

    It has my mind a tick-ticking about where I could do the same…maybe here: http://noosanationalpark.com/

    Happy day Sparkling You!

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