This is my posse:

On Friday night, we were together again for a second time at my house to eat, drink and be merry. I posted about the first time we got together as a group outside of our beloved art class here.

My good sport hubby once again donned his chef’s jacket and prepared delectable delights while we sat at the island watching him in action, all the while eating, laughing and carrying on as good friends do.

After dinner, we put on our woolies and headed to the patio to sit around the fire pit. What is it about sitting around a fire? Our conversations ran the gamet. We learned things we didn’t know about each other, laughed till we cried, shared stories, provided support and in general just talked about life. We covered aging, ill parents, our children, where we grew up, went to school, met our partners and everything in between.

I found a bracelet not long ago I fell in love with. It is by Sally Jean and you can see it here. Since these are my pals from art class and include our peach of a teach, I wanted them to have one too. It was a surprise. Here we are wearing them. I call this photo “Unity”.

Webster’s definition of unity is “..being formed of parts that constitute a whole”. That about sums it up. Girlfriends rock! May you have time this week to connect with someone in YOUR posse!

Love to my girlfriends near and far, Margie


  1. Back at you Gorgeous!
    You are such a treasure MM and I can imagine your evening in HD colour – what fun.
    Your hubby sounds like ‘the best’ and it’s not difficult to see that you have found a special group of friends to connect with in this group.
    I wish there wasn’t a great big expanse of blue dividing us!

  2. Great picture around the fire pit, however, someone very special is missing from the picture–YOU!! Still grinning from such a great evening. XOXO

  3. What a nice thing to do! I especially liked the experience of every one sharing stories and laughing so hard, friends is what life is all about, congratulations to all on your friendship, for me that is one of the most precious feelings in life.

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