The bark of the birch
Stark white against the colors
Its leaves painted on

The last of the haiku I wrote on my trip. Haiku runs rampant through my mind on a regular basis. Motoring through the U.P. during such a beautiful time of year, how could I not be inspired to write? Add glorious scenery to the mix…heaven.

Never enough haiku hugs, Margie

12 thoughts on “BIRCH BEAUTY

  1. Birches aren’t common in my pocket of the world but I’m fortunate to have two in my neighbourhood in a front yard just two houses along.
    When I take Luke for a walk today I will see them, think of you and your glorious haiku and try to compose another in my head about their springtime vestments.

    Haiku hugs are a fabulous way to start my day – thank you.

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