Such beauty to behold. Happy Monday! XO, Margie


Whenever you see my ZenEyes geshia girl here from now on, I will have something to say about my etsy shop. I spent hours yesterday scanning and photographing booklets for my site. Jeez, not like taking my lovely captures let me tell you. Trying to get them straight, clear, and to actually flatter the piece is no easy task. My sweet booklets each contain 100 haiku and are truly a labor of love. I cut and punch the paper, laminate the front and back covers, and bind them before wrapping them oh so cute with ribbon and beads for the lucky recipient. Have I peaked your interest? I hope to spend time this week actually stocking my store shelves so it shouldn’t be long now. I’m sure once I am up and running and have everything figured out, it will be less time consuming. Jeez Louise! Stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “FALL CONTINUES TO GLOW

    • I’m working on stocking the shelves right now! I hope to open next week. I will definitely announce the opening on my blog and there will be a direct link to my shop, ZenEyes. Stay tuned Cardinal! All kinds of treasures coming your way. Thanks for asking!

  1. In general, I really enjoy SF’s climate, never gets unbearably cold or hot, but it’s when I see images like this, that makes me miss the east coast and fall days. Even if I can’t experience it first hand, thanks for posting these beautiful photos and reminding me that it’s fall somewhere! 🙂

  2. I love that we’re capturing such contrasting colour palettes to showcase our different seasons at the moment. I’m also truly-ruly looking forward to your store being open, you’ve piqued my interest with your little geisha girl and the fabulous description of your books.

    Happy days lovely friend.
    Waving from over the seas,

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