The Big Mac or Mackinac Bridge on the way to the U.P.

The drive through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on our way to Duluth was beyond beautiful. I could have had Michael stop the car every ten feet, LOL, but we actually made just a couple of stops. Enough to get a few shots. A bit of this and that. However, if I have my way on the way back (wink, wink) he will be stopping so that I can capture the pure grandeur of the color change in full swing. I was also writing haiku like a woman possessed while he was driving, totally absorbed in my surroundings. I have to find the perfect captures to compliment them. Also stay tuned for freighters, bridges and boats, oh my!

XO, Margie

13 thoughts on “ALONG THE WAY

  1. Pictures are beautiful (actually ALL your pictures are exquisite). Margie, you made me realize, how much I actually miss Michigan (including my friends). I have to acquire one picture from you to hang on my Virginian wall, so I can brag about Michigan!!!! Thanks for sharing, xox GTH

  2. What a beautiful trip…..and great weather for you! MMMMMMM! Missed you in class yesterday…see you next week Hugs. Peachy Teach!

  3. absolutely beautiful. can’t make the trip but am making the trip through you. how special is Michael to have to enjoy moments like this.
    thanks for sharing

    Your CF

  4. Your creative energy fairly sizzles out of the screen MM and I must say from the very first short sharp inhalation that you gave me on seeing the bridge, I was captivated.

    Can’t wait to revel in all that you have to share.

    Kicking up my heels in the springtime sun,
    xx’s F

    PS: Pop on over to enjoy some fun colour play at my place if you’re inclined. I’d love to see you.

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