There is cloud cover
As the leaves swirl at my feet
On this windy morn

The cool air hits me
And I can finally breathe
No stifling heat

Slowly colors change
Starting their metamorphous
Right before my eyes

Fall brings clarity
To my mind and to my soul
A cleansing of sorts

I must not leave home
Without a pen and paper
When I go for walks

As the haiku flies
I must capture its brilliance
Like a shining star

For once I am home
It’s likely those words left me
Stored away somewhere

May you watch for the changes and remember. XO, Margie

13 thoughts on “HAIKU TO YOU, EARLY AUTUMN

  1. oops, how did friend become friend”s”? I guess you do so many wonderful things I think there must be more than one of you…..R

  2. You are a brilliant ‘capturer’ of life MM, with your carefully crafted words, photography and art.
    It is a treat to be able to ‘see’ the world through your eyes and I love the imagine you gifted us today of you soaking in the changes, pen and paper in hand.

    Happiest of happy days,
    xx Felicity

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