School supplies!!!
Enjoying cooler temps
Pull out your sweaters!
Tree changing beauty
Enough sports?
More energy
Bonfires anyone?
Evening falls faster
Routines are back!!!

And so it begins! Fall in love with Fall, Margie

14 thoughts on “HERE IT COMES!

  1. Oh what a wonderful post, Margie! Can’t wait, seriously. Love the part of ‘cooler temperatures’ and ‘sweaters’, and ‘energy’ is always welcome.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me lovely notes. I appreciated so much!
    Nice to meet you!

  2. As you’re falling into Fall, I’m springing into Spring =

    Smelling blossoms
    Embracing the outdoors
    Pulling on a t-shirt
    Thinking about Summer
    Enjoying longer days
    Making the most of the crisp mornings
    Being energised

    Happy day Lovely and biggest of happy hugs,

    xx Felicity

    • Wonderful! Love it! Hard to believe the worm has turned as it just seems as though you guys just started winter, but alas, time waits for no one. At least your winters are mild in comparison to ours and they don’t last forever like ours can. Happy Spring to you F!

      • You’re right of course MM, but this winter seemed to drag on – I’m not one for dreary days.
        Our summers are the ‘extreme’ season for us with long weeks of temps between 35C + 42C [95+102F], bushfires and torrential rain.
        Of course there’s also the beach, the pool and playing in the river and all the fun to be had!
        xx F

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