Her life was opening like a flower. She could rest in its bloom, take time to examine each petal.”
(excerpt from “Gang of Four” by Liz Byrski)

 My wish is that we all continue to expand, grow and bloom. XO, Margie

14 thoughts on ““BEEUTIFUL”

  1. Margie, lovely photo. A wonderful idea to to include a quote (just perfect for the photo) from a wonderful ‘Australian’ book! :-))

  2. Spectacular!

    This is the first image that I’ve opened this morning and I feel like I should just stop here it is SO glorious…..and the quote….I’m thinking that I need to print this off and have it in front of me on my inspiration board. You really should think about creating greeting or inspiration cards MM.

    I love the way our little busy friend wears her heart on her sleeve – well back in this case – so special.

    Happiest of happy days Lovely!

    xx Felicity

    • So glad it was a happy start to your day. I have a whole line of haiku and photo cards as well as three booklets containing my haiku that are carried at Golden Door Spa in California. I hope to make all available in an Etsy shop this fall. Thanks for thinking I should. That makes me feel good lovey!

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