These were snapped going to and coming home from DC in the early morning hours, again motoring down the road about 80! I still can’t believe how great these shots turn out considering how I take them, LOL! I love the sense of calm that comes from this type of capture. Headed north for a couple of days. See you back here on Monday!
Dream Cruise Weekend hugs, Margie
My Friends,  If you did not see my edited post yesterday…
I found out after I published it, there is a hefty charge to attend the Our Town Preview Night which took me by surprise. So for those of you that are going, please forget about Preview night and stop by sometime the 13th through the 15th of October to enjoy the show free of charge! I almost had a heart attack when I saw that! Jeez Louise! XO, Margie

8 thoughts on “DREAMY MORNING FOG

  1. some of favorite photos are the ones from florida, when a fog storm rolled in for about 20 minutes during the middle of the day…..so obviously i love these 🙂

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