Isn’t it a tad early for this kind of color change? This branch jumped out at me on my Saturday morning walk with Q. I adore fall and all that comes with it, but it is only the middle of August! Hmmm, Margie

8 thoughts on “WAIT JUST A MINUTE!

  1. Oh no! Fall is my favorite season but I am not ready to let go of summer yet! I love looking at your posts of DC. I used to live there. Loved Adams Morgan and the Ethiopian restaurants!


  2. Spring is springing here in the Southern Hemisphere MM, so perhaps the seasons are deciding to fast track all over the globe.

    Captain V brought me home a glorious bunch of dusty pink lillies on the weekend and their perfume is filling our home. Sending you a whiff of spring blossoms which may halt your cooler weather…we can but hope!

    Happy day Lovely,

    xx {one for you & one for Q}

      • Winter is really a doddle where I live with temps never getting to be less than 5C or 41F. There are some parts of Oz still under snow [we’ve had one of the best skiing seasons in this country for the longest time – so watch out NH] but it’s blue skies and t-shirts here.

        Loving your new header image, from where I’m sitting I can see the blue stripes and tassels of my own hammock and am thinking it might be a nice place to spend some time later today.


      • Now those are nice winters! As you know, ours are freezing cold and seem to last forever! Nice to hear you had a good ski season. Always good for the economy. Grab a cuppa and head for the hammock. Figured August is half over so I might as well use another summer image before fall hits.

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