Full steam ahead this Monday morning!

I couldn’t resist this post title as I am about to tell you about the impressive Torpedo Factory Art Center located on the waterfront in Alexandria, Virginia. It is home to over 165 artists working in 82 studios and open to the public. Some of the studios overlook the water. How would you like to go here to create something marvelous on a regular basis?

Even the sink clean up area is cute as can be ~

Of course, I just happened to find a special something ~

A unique, one of a kind, handcrafted necklace by Ileen Shefferman of ileen shefferman designs. Each bead is hand sculptured from a polyform clay material. The technique is adapted from an ancient Italian glass design called “millefiore” which means “a thousand flowers”. I love it and thought it photographed beautifully against the natural wood of my dining room table. Looks quite spiffy around my neck too!

Well, if this doesn’t inspire you on a Monday morning, I’m not sure what will. Grab the nearest artist you can find and give them a great big hug! Margie

14 thoughts on “DAMN THE TORPEDOS!

  1. It’s a great-looking building and your photos give us a nice peek inside! What a great place to have a studio. We have something similar in Cincy called the Pendleton Arts Center, housed in what was once a shoe factory.

  2. You know I love a behind the scenes peek into artists’ workshops MM and this is a cracker – thank you!

    Loving your necklace and sending you a great big hug special lady!
    xx F

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