I did a Six Senses Tour of Harbor Springs, Michigan for Felicity of Gifts of Serendipity. Just click here and you will be magically transported there for the festivities! Before you depart however, I wish to introduce you to Felicity and her blog. She was going to be my next Talented Blogger Tuesday candidate, so since you will be visiting her today to take my tour, why not stick around and explore her world.

Felicity, a sweetheart of a gal, combines her love of being an educator with whimsy, a combo that is quite special. The Six Senses Tours are just one part of her space. She likes to enlighten her readers with Word of the Week and Two for Tuesday where she introduces two paintings by a particular artist and asks you to play along and tell her what you see in each one and how it speaks to you personally.

Felicity is all about the unexpected gifts life brings, hence the very appropriate name of her blog. She devotes great time and energy creating a beautiful space for her readers to learn, enjoy and be inspired. If you look in her sidebar, you will see other Six Senses Tours she has hosted from different parts of the world which you can visit at your leisure.

Due to the time differences between Felicity and I (she is in Australia) consider this my Friday post ( a twofer today) and I recommend you take some time now and even over the weekend, to explore Felicity’s world. There is an awful lot to see. Have a wonderful weekend!

Grateful hugs for friends near and far, Margie


  1. Hi Margie it was so lovely to see your part of the world thank you for sharing it felt such a cosy & safe community I too agree with Jane loved the bikes I always wanted a bike with a basket to cycle & have a bunch of flowers in it the things you dream hey!!! x

  2. Oh, Margie, you really wrote a splendid post. I’m so delighted my dear friend Felicity picked you as our tour guide this week. Those bikes with wicker baskets have me sighing. J x

  3. Anyone who is friends with Felicity Serendipity is a friend of mine, hello, how do you do?? Also sucked in by the fact you refer to your posts as perky, you’re my kind of gal Margie. Loving that sign on the sun lounge, brilliant, love Posie

  4. Wow went to the Site Great Tour Girlfriend…when do you find the time to do it ALLLLLL…….I am amazed…..! And a little dazed. Don’t worry I will never try to write Haiku!

    Big Hugs

    • Don’t get me started on talent missy! Is there anything you can’t do…except maybe haiku, and that’s only because that hasn’t been at the top of your list of things to do! Thanks for the support my Dear D!

  5. Brought back memories of the 4th Gary and I spent with you and Michael! I bet the fireworks were fabulous!!!!!!


  6. Oh Margie you really are a treasure.
    Thank you for your kind words, I hope your readers enjoy taking your fabulous tour as much as I did.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  7. very much enjoyed your tour of your home! loved the lake scenes and lovely small-town feel of ice cream and cookie shops! glad ‘the money pit’ worked out so well for you and your family! 🙂

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