I took this while Michael was motoring down the road on the way home from DC in the early morning hours as the sun came up. There was a particular glow that caught my eye and I can’t believe I captured it through the car window going 80!

And, I had a fit over this magnificent oil painting so gloriously rendered, it is hard to believe it is not a photograph. I was remiss in getting the name of the artist. I was so taken by the painting, I got lost in it, completely forgot to look and floated out of the gallery. Yeesch.

May you find something to get lost in today.

Glowing hugs, Margie

10 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT

  1. Glorious both.
    The ability to capture light is one of the pursuits eternal of many artists and you have managed to do so brilliantly MM.
    The ‘pear’ artist is phenomenally talented and I’m not surprised that you were more than a little starry-eyed upon viewing this piece.

    Happy day!


  2. It is all in the light. Love the building but the painting is amazing. I cannot believe that it isn’t a photo either.

    Hoping to get lost in the light today.

  3. Those are both beautiful images. I can’t believe it either, you caught that speeding by and it’s so excellent. The painting is amazing. Where did you see it? I thought it was one of our photos, really.

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