I couldn’t help it! Home for a few days before heading out again so I thought I would do just one more summery post until I return to my perch in August. Miss you!

Ship shape hugs to all, Margie

11 thoughts on “AHOY MATEYS!

  1. Nice nautical pictures… especially the dock line… Potomac River waterfront somewhere in DC? (I saw your post on another blog mentioning the heat in DC so thought I’d stop by and check out your blog because we must be neighbors! I’m in nearby Maryland and just wanted to say Hi.)

    • So nice of you to pop in! Yes, I was melting into the pavement in DC and NY. However, I live in Michigan, which, by the way, has been unseasonably hot too. It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!

  2. even for a tiny visit….welcome back.
    obviously you are soaking in summer and honestly, isn’t that what we all should be doing πŸ™‚
    but you are doing it really well !!

  3. Oh bliss!
    It’s more than a little chilly in these parts this morning Margie so it’s wonderful to soak in these summery images.

    Happy travels on the next leg of your adventure.

    xx F

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