Italian Girl in GeorgiaWhat an appropriate follow up to my peach post yesterday as I sing the praises of a transplanted San Francisco gal who fell in love with a Southern gentlemen who states he “charmed me away from the bright city lights on the bay to the Deep South”.

And what a peach she is! I’m not sure what to say about Suzanne’s glorious blog, ITALIAN GIRL IN GEORGIA, and her amazing talent, except that I absolutely LOVE everything she does. I found Suzanne while devouring Somerset Life, another one of my favorite Stampington & Company publications. Her article spoke to me in many ways and her photography knocked my socks off! Suzanne studied art and architecture in Florence, Italy and returned to pursue graduate studies in Cortona, which I’ll bet several lira, led to the name of her blog. What a lethal combination! And you get all of it in a beautiful package when you visit her site, tied up with a big flouncy bow. I was also attracted to the way she posts, varying the size and font type to create such an interesting page. Interspersed with her sensational photography, artwork and sewn creations, it is a visual delight.I just know you can’t wait to pay Suzanne a visit, and when you do, please let her know you have been there. Bloggers and comments go hand-in-hand. We all love to receive them and appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you Suzanne for sharing your gifts with the world. Hugs, Margie

12 thoughts on “MEET SUZANNE MacCRONE!

  1. Oh Margie ~

    You are too kind. Shall I hire you as my agent?! A big heartfelt thank you for your kind words and finding me through Somerset Life. I often wonder where those articles will take me and am so pleased to have met you and a few other wonderful people through the experience.

    I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed Jersey Boys, by the way. I just LOVED every moment of the show.

    By the way, I think it’s a great idea to try to sell your work through your blog or a new one…I set up a blog to sell my work but also sell on Etsy. Go for it Girl. With your personality and talent you will be a great success at it!

    Ciao bella and thanks so much for your new friendship,

  2. Hey MM, thank you for the introduction.
    As soon as I read the ‘Put the lime in the coconut’ badge on Suzanne’s sidebar I knew I was in for some fun.

    Hoping you’re having a wonderful day,

    xx Felicity

  3. You and she are certainly kindred spirits! BTW – Have you ever thought of selling your cards on etsy? Have a great day. Such “up north” weather we’re having. Makes me so excited about going up there in July. Hope to see you before too long.

    • I have thought about that. What I am trying to do is find someone who can set it up directly on my blog. It can be done I understand, but I am struggling with it. Hope to see you soon too pal!

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