Glorious colors courtesy of nature. No one does it better. Headed to northern Michigan for a few days. I’ll be off my perch until the middle of next week. See you then with more California captures.
Happy Friday! XO, Margie

17 thoughts on “SHIMMERING BY THE SEA

  1. You are quite the adventurer (I think that is a word). These pics remind me of going to the mountains in Colorado when I was younger. And the water looks cold. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics from Cali.

  2. Lovely colors and they do shimmer–you captured a perfect title. Also love the new blog picture–summer finally here!!!!

  3. Wow MM, these are absolutely gorgeous.
    I’ve made the second picture into my desktop background so that I can enjoy its shimmering loveliness and swirling colours more.

    Happy ventures, you sure do scoot about!

    xx F

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