Just have Fun!
Under the sun…finally!
Night stays light longer
Enjoy every minute!


Between me and the waves, we were definitely crashing this adorable, relaxed wedding party on the beach following their nuptials. The girls and I were at Splashes Bar, aptly named due to its close proximity to the water, right next to the window. I caught their eye, gave them a thumbs up and a hoot and got a few shots.

I’m busted! ~

They didn’t mind a bit! ~
Continued the merriment ~Oops, she was a lot easier to lift! ~Well, they sorta got him up there! ~

 Love the yellow rose petals scattered on the beach.
All together now say awwww! Margie


  1. you’re so sweet….and actually my neighbor/friend wants to really crash a wedding this summer and has asked two of us to go with her….so i might as well take my camera right 🙂

  2. way to get caught. what a fun loving bunch they all look. with those welcoming faces i would have gone right down there and taken lots more photos. did they have a photographer ?
    i’m jealous. i want to crash a wedding 🙂

    • Yes, one of their guests was snapping photos so I didn’t want to intrude, otherwise I would have. My pals wanted me to. Haha, you should crash a wedding. You’d wind up being a better photographer than the one they hired!

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