Welcome back after the long weekend! Hope everybody enjoyed an extra day to play. Have plenty more captures from my trip, but could not resist these glorious poppies to start off a short week. Poppylicious hugs, Margie

13 thoughts on “OH POPPYCOCK!

  1. Hey Margie!

    To die for colour! Those poppies are gorgeous and you captured them beautifully. Love all the other wonderful coastline photos…makes me want to be back in CA. Breathtaking. Hope you had a fun time and enjoyed it all.

    Ciao bella,

    • Had a blast in CA and as you can see it was glorious all the way around. Glad you enjoyed the poppies. Finally a flower I hadn’t photographed yet. I was getting flowered out if that is possible.

  2. Gorgeous MM,
    The colour and contrast of the delicate petals with the structured stamens is always a winner in my mind.
    Loving the way you captured the light through the petals too.

    xx F

  3. Welcome back, Margie! Love the vibrant color…… Saw earlier posts but wasn’t sure if you were ‘here’ or ‘there’-LOL!!

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