It woke me gently/Reflections of a new day/Right before my eyes
It lulled me to sleep/The waves crashing on the shore/Nature’s lullaby
The gift of the sea/Bringing peace to my being/From morning till night

 Someone left the handwritten message in the sand for me to discover… an unexpected capture and gift! Serene hugs and a wonderful Memorial weekend to all, Margie

23 thoughts on “OCEANS AWAY

  1. I imagine you had a great trip, I can’twait to hear about it. Those pictures bring me so many memories….. hope you had a chance to eat at Las Brisas, or at least see that particular spot.

  2. This looks so very lovely! I adore the silvery grey of those beach plants, and I love your photo of the three palm trees against the gorgeous blue sky. Wonderful!

  3. The message in the sand is a perfect example of serendipity MM.
    Your holiday looks amazing and I’m with Charmaine, your new header is truly gorgeous.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  4. my heart just broke a little bit…
    from wishing it was in sitting in the sand, with its toes in the water, with that view !

    fantastic photos….fantastic get-away !!!

  5. Margie,
    The pictures are terrific…makes me feel like I am there. Thanks for sharing.
    Heard you had a great time.

  6. beautiful pics with a beautiful lady. Thank you for the memories and the time spent in reunion. I will cherish always!

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