create magnificent colored pencil drawings using only a series of circles! Meet talented artist Maggie Toole. You know, I am always in awe of the talent in this world. I have trouble drawing a decent circle under the best of circumstances, LOL! I am enamored with colored pencil renderings anyway, but this is nothing short of spectacular. I wish I could see her work up close and personal to get the full effect. Oh well, I can enjoy her talent from afar. I know you will too. A big WOW! for your Friday. Circle hugs, Margie

8 thoughts on “OH NO SHE DOESN’T…

  1. Hi Margie ~

    Thanks so much for your visits to my blog recently and of course, you sweet comments. I remember seeing Maggie’s work featured in WWC this month. Facinating ~ reminds me of the pop art work made in the 1960’s.

    I am glad to know you now and hope to visit often.

    Ciao bella,

  2. Hey Marvellous M,

    I thought the image you used for today was a faded photo of the artist until I went to explore her site = Wow!

    You’re so right, it would be terrific to see her work up close and personal [or at least a little larger] as the screen doesn’t do it justice.

    Perhaps I’ll feature her in an upcoming ‘Two For Tuesday’ segment?

    Happy day to you dear friend – if we end up going ’round in circles, we’ll know it’s OK.

    xx F

    • Haha, no kidding! I’m sure that viewing them from afar is a better way to view the pieces because up close the images would probably blur a bit and we would see the circles. I would LOVE that though as I find it fascinating. XO

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