Posted February 24, 2010. What started out as a little ditty about menopause, in December of 2008, morphed into a journey of self-discovery called “Wee Hours Haiku”. I got a kick out of revisiting this haiku myself.
Hugs, Margie 

Here comes Menopause/In all its raging glory/Hold on to your shorts!

It’s not so bad though/The alternative is worse/Not crossing over

A right of passage/Your fiftes really do rock/Keep an open mind

I forgot her name/Where did I put my glasses?/Why am I in here?

Jeez Louise, that’s right/I knew it would come to me/Later than sooner!

The sweater comes off/My own personal summer/When least expected

The men don’t get it/They wouldn’t last a minute/Walking in our shoes

Women have such strength/That’s why we need each other/Men cannot relate

Sharing is what counts/The ups and downs of our lives/Someone who listens

I wish to grow wise/By learning from life’s lessons/A full time student!

It pays to listen/You learn so much when you do/Try to hold your tongue

Inner peace I seek/For it allows me to BE/Something I strive for

Outside influence/When you are one with yourself/Should cause you no pain

How lucky for me/I have the ability/To seek the answers

As the clock chimes four/In the a.m. I might add/Haiku flows freely

From my bed I rise/I cannot write quick enough/The syllables fly

So I don’t fight it/I get up and start writing/Let’s see where it goes

I know there is more/I am meant to do in life/At this precious stage

But what could it be?/I know the answer will come/I must be patient!

Patience I do have/For most things life sends my way/With few exceptions

My heart seeks answers/Regarding my path in life/From this day forward

For the past is past/And a great one it has been/I am truly blessed

But time to move on/Make a difference in life/The answers will come

In what form who knows/I’ll know it when I see it/Or when I feel it

My heart is open/Allowing my soul access/To positive thoughts

My protectors reign/Over my spiritual self/Nature connects us

For it is just that/Just listen then let it go/No weight on my soul

A work in progress/Never to be completed/I constantly grow

May life’s inertia/Only be a positive/Not a negative

It’s how we perceive/The data that comes our way/Positive or not

Spend time with myself/Seek answers to my questions/Through meditation

I’m my own best friend/I enjoy my company/I am never alone

My books sustain me/The written word lifts my soul/And opens my mind

Simplify my life/Get back to my basic needs/It’s all that I want

Too many tchotchkes!/I must stop running around/Accumulating!

It’s part of the plan/To rid myself of anchors/Weighing down my soul

May I listen well/As the signs present themselves/Open heart and mind

Inner joy, grace, peace/May be mine for the asking/So I am asking

I want to feel light!/In my heart and in my mind/I will achieve it!

Pay no attention/To negative influence/When it comes my way

Keep my body calm/Breathe deeply and with purpose/Many benefits

An hour later/As the clock strikes five a.m./I am still writing

This is the first time/In a very long time that/I am moved to write

Maybe it’s a start/To exploring the unknown/Opening my soul

Always room to grow/I am so ready to fly/No holding me back!

So get ready soul/The valve has been opened up/The flood gate’s open

Yahoo, I can’t wait!/The journey has just begun/Let’s see where I go!

December 9, 2008 by Margie Brochert (Copyrighted-All rights reserved)

8 thoughts on “REWIND

  1. wow….this is beyond perfect and beautiful…. and oh, it’s so honest and raw !!!
    thank you for making sure i read this….it’s great to know i’m not alone !!!

  2. Oh, this is brilliant! I can relate to so much of what you write, and I feel better just knowing that I’m not alone… Thanks so much!

  3. Hooray! I was hoping that there would be a haiku here today…now let me just pat down the menopause glow and enjoy it!

  4. Hey Margie: This is exactly where I am in my life right now! Thank you for summing it up in such a beautiful way!! Love you!!!

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