How cute is this little guy? Found him being creative in Pat Edie’s studio. I’m off to art class to work on my tulip canvas. I kicked butt until I got to the middle of the tulip, its center, and got hung up on the details. My peach of a teach, Diane, said I lost my “painterly way”. Until I got to the center, I painted in a free spirited manner and it showed. Here’s how it looks now:
I had the idea of repainting the center on a separate piece of sheet canvas, in a painterly fashion, not focusing on the details quite so much, and then it can be attached over the center part on this canvas. It would add depth and layers to it. Teach Diane thought it was a good idea. So, that is what I will be doing today. Let’s see if I can remain free and “painterly” this time. Stay tuned!

My birdie crewel project waits for my attention. I like to work on it in the evening, but I have been too pooped to participate in such an activity once I sit down for the night lately. So, when I finish that cute little hummingbird, you will be the first to know AND the first to see it!

Monday hugs, Margie

4 thoughts on “CREATIVE UPDATE

  1. Reading this, I’m reminded that many of us need a Diane in our lives to help keep us focused on moving forward in a ‘painterly way’ – unobstructed by doing things the ‘right’ way with our head rather than heart guiding our steps.

    Looking forward to seeing your poppy unfold.

    xx Felicity

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