My first post on my MacBook Pro! Yippee! Everybody who has a Mac loves them to death and wouldn’t use anything else. I am still navigating my way, but seriously impressed thus far and know I haven’t touched the tip of the ice berg. I just uploaded all of my Zen Eyes photos from my desktop. That went well. Now, let me add a photo from yesterday into this post.Yay, it worked! These are invading my grass right now. Pretty though aren’t they? Not sure if the seeds blow in and attach themselves, or how you get rid of them before they take over. Hmmm, that’s okay. I’ll ask my good pal Laura who tends to our flower beds in season. She is amazing! Thanks Laura! Can’t wait to see you and your sidekick Murphy (King Charles Spaniel) pull up to work your magic. I have something else in the works my dear readers which I hope to fill you in on tomorrow. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! XO, Margie

5 thoughts on “IT’S A FIRST!

  1. Have you discovered the feature in iPhoto that recognizes faces? You’re going to have a blast with that computer. I have a MacBook and am a huge fan. Have a nice weekend. I’m going to a workshop tomorrow through the MI Assoc. of Calligraphers. Should be a fun way to spend a Saturday. See you Mon!

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