They are definitely farther ahead than us! That made it all the more special to see. So many open air markets to enjoy. Flowers, food, art everywhere including this truck on the sidelines,and this one selling potatoes called “Buried Treasures”. Very clever name I thought.

How eye-catching is this building graffiti? And the bikes just add to the picture.

I keep saying “only in New York!”. This and a million other reasons make it like no other place on the planet and why I am so happy to have made its acquaintance. Then, you have the subway talent. This guy could rock the drums and plastic container let me tell you!
Speaking of the subway, New York’s public transportation system is truly amazing and for me, one of the best people watching spots. You see it all and then some. Everything works in the way of dress in New York. The most odd combinations anywhere else would draw ridiculous stares, but not here. Total acceptance of a person’s unique style. I like that! On one of my rides, I sat next to a beautiful five year old boy named Jordan who was with his Great Grandma, resting his head on her shoulder, counting out Lemonheads from his candy box and eating them one by one. Sometimes I can’t help but chat with someone next to me, but most of the time I don’t, and just take it all in with my zen eyes.

There are so many multi-generational families around. It warms my heart when I see, as I did while Betsy and I were tooling around Brooklyn, a father and son walking hand in hand, going to pick-up Grandma and Grandpa for Sunday brunch by knocking on the door of their tiny apartment, and the look of sheer delight on their faces when they opened the door and saw them . Everybody brunches in New York! We had a wonderful meal at Rye in Brooklyn, so much so we went back the next day. Betsy always has a few new places to take me, and this was a keeper. The choices are endless. Brunch the first day was at abc kitchen which is huge with many different sections, beautiful and part of abc Carpet & Home, which has floors and floors of everything you can think of. You have to see it to believe it.
For the first time, I got to see Grand Central Station. What a magnificent complex. I know I’ve seen it dozens of times in movies, but that does not do it justice. My pictures didn’t turn out well as the lighting was insufficient. Shops, markets, restaurants. I wouldn’t have guessed that. Truly a must-see.

“Memphis” at the Shubert Theatre was outstanding! The talent amazing. It boggles my mind that this is just one of dozens of productions on and off Broadway, all of which have equally talented people singing, dancing and acting their hearts out day after day.

To say Betsy and I tore it up is an understatement. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface! We walked a hundred miles, ate, drank and were merry, danced, had fun with her friends, grabbed cappuccinos all over town, went to Brooklyn Flea which is now on the waterfront for the summer, and just wallowed in our time together. Thanks for the memories my best girl. Your Momma had to come home to rest! LOL!

I know this was a long post, but it is hard to sum up a visit to New York in a short one!

XO, Margie

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