The pickings are slim/A sun absent way too much/Reeks havoc on me
My zen eyes crave light/Only the sun can offer/To make my captures
Will you hurry spring?/As I am longing to shoot/Your awakening
My soul shall refill/With the beauty of nature/One shot at a time
I hope spring listens/To me and everyone else/Anxiously waiting
As spring brings new life/To us and our surroundings/Time for renewal

I was moved to write this haiku last night. I think we all are ready to see the gray skies, frozen ground and cold winds of March “leave the room” and make way for fresh air, warm rains, green grass and blooming buds. Ah, but the birds are present and singing their songs, egging spring on as only they can do. It is music to my ears.
Patient but anxious for spring hugs, Margie

12 thoughts on “WHERE ART THOU SPRING?

  1. As I head out early in the morning before the sun comes up to grab the paper, I hear the beautiful sounds of the those birds trying to coax spring along. The buds on on my daffodils waiting to bloom–it won’t be long now!!!

  2. Your post today was spot on! I like the starkness of the pot paired with the vibrancy of the next shot. I am hopefully, anxiously waiting . . . . .

  3. Hey Margie – what a terrific vase I can imagine it getting lots of use.
    This arrangement is very indicative of winter, perhaps you need to pop some blooming branches in to remind spring of what she’s meant to be up to!
    x F

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