Friday morning started off with Michael telling me it is Margie Day! That starts it off on the right foot doesn’t it? Then he took me to breakfast. I LOVE going out to breakfast. Fast forward to the reception for the Michigan Fine Arts Competition. Several friends came along to share this evening with me, and a few more showed up unexpected. My “Lemon with your Tea?” sold within the first half hour which was beyond exciting. As it turned out, the couple that bought my photograph were friends of one of the couples that were with me, but didn’t know it until after they bought it. So that made it even more special when we realized what happened. They come every year looking for a new piece for their home and this year my lemons “spoke to them”. Yippee, glad they were chatty that night! LOL!

Then we jumped in our cars and went to the gallery together. That show was a surprise as it turned out to be quite dark and edgy which is fine, except that I’m not sure how my “Who Needs Roses?” got in! LOL! It didn’t matter, we had fun, two more friends showed up and the 9 of us ended up going out for a snack and drinks afterwards.

The photos around my tulips are quite mainstream. They must have put the four of us together on purpose! LOL!

You have been so supportive, cheering me on from near and far, I wanted to let you know how the evening unfolded. It was one I won’t soon forget. Thank you everyone.

Here’s a sweet capture to start off your week.

Grateful and bright rosy hugs, Margie

22 thoughts on “OH, WHAT AN EVENING!

  1. Well Margie, I am a bit behind with my emails. Anyway I am not sure if Margie Day was meant to be Margie’s birthday or a celebration of your art all over!! congratulations either way. I have to go and see those. I told you that your photos are amazing!
    …and you are too

  2. Hi Margie,

    Just catching up with your blog. Geez Louise, I can’t keep up with you! Do you know how to do anything in half measures?

    Sharing your joy,


  3. Way to go Margie! Your talent is just starting to blossom! I am sure this is just the beginning of something wonderful for you my friend!!!

  4. What a thrill to be exhibiting and selling your work.
    It’s such a joy to have been introduced to you Ms Margie and good on Michael for initiating ‘Margie Day’ there should be more of them I say!

    x F

    • Why thank you Felicity. It is also a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Always fun to make new blogging friends. And I agree, a few more Margie Days are in order. I’ll tell Michael straight away!

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I’m not surprised your photo sold. It was outstanding. How does it feel to be a professional? Thanks for sharing your good news.

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