That would be me when I set eyes on the studio of Patricia Riascos Edie. Most of you should be familiar with Pat’s work as I have showcased her incredible talents a couple of times. We had a delightful lunch last week then peeked in on several of her paintings which are currently housed in one of the showrooms at the amazing  Michigan Design Center. Then we headed to her home to see where she creates. Her studio takes up the entire basement. It is what I pictured an artist’s studio to look like. Color everywhere, art supplies galore, bins with canvases completed and in progress…see for yourself, there is too much to describe.

This is Pat, a sweet, fiesty ball of talent at just one of her many art stations.

Oh yes, a framing station, watercolor station, racks of papers, aah!

Another view of art paraphenalia. How I love art supplies. Be still my heart.

Just a couple of pages from one of her many sketchbooks. Pat LOVES drawing and painting hands. They play a very important focus in much of her work. For me, it was very enlightening to go inside the mind of an artist and understand the progression of a piece from conception to completion. I always wondered about that.

These are just pieces that were laying around her studio, all of which I had to have to inspire me. I cracked her up as she kept saying things like, that one is not even finished, or that is just a little practice piece, an experiment, etc. , except for the girl playing the piano which is a favorite of hers. To me, they were all treasures which depict her diversity as an artist. She had a glorious work in progress on an easel, but it was not far enough along to photograph, LOL. Of course we talked about it and her vision regarding the piece. I was like a whirling derby! She was compelled to take a photo of me taking photos as I was having a field day and clearly happy as a clam.

I look pretty serious here, but I swear I was practically jumping up and down when I found myself in this highly energized art space.

By the time I got home I was pooped, my energies spent wallowing in the vibes of this most talented artist’s cave of creativity.

Thank you my friend for a lovely afternoon. So glad I could take my readers on a little tour.

XO, Margie

6 thoughts on “LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE!

  1. How much fun was this tour?
    Thank you Margie for introducing me to a wonderful new (for me) artist and thank you Patricia for letting us all into your studio to savour your creative space – a true Aladdin’s cave of wonder. I loved it all!

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