Good grief, photographing projects is a challenge.  I don’t seem to get them centered properly or even on all sides. Oh well, I guess my zen eyes don’t work when I photograph this kind of stuff. LOL! Anyway, this is a journal page I am still working on. See, I did end up using that partially done crewel birdie after all.

This is my current art class project. I am going way outside the box painting this large. I attached the photo I am working off of so you can see what I am trying to duplicate. Off to a decent start I think. Wait until I have to tackle the center of this tulip. Oh boy!

This one is actually finished. I matted it, but not sure I am going to spring for a ready-made frame for it. I dyed each piece of paper in the background with watercolor and glued them down. Then I cut the tree out of specialty paper with an exacto knife. This was taken from a picture in a magazine. Our assignment was to duplicate it, color and all. I added the two little birds (big surprise) which I cut from paper too! Ugh, this is not crooked in person. But you get the picture. LOL!  My art is a work in progress, just like me.

And a daffodil!

Ah, that’s better! Enjoy your weekend, Margie



  1. That’s one of my Super Students. The tulip is fab! The Torn Paper is so delicate! Talk to me on the framing……we can make it faber(new word).

  2. I love the tulip and can’t wait to see the final painting. I like to try collage pieces…sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! But we do have fun when we snip and paste, don’t we? Brings out the kid in me.

  3. OMG Margie, your painting is AWESOME!! I just LOVE the vibrant colors!! Can’t wait to see the finished project. I like your tree with the fluttering birds–it makes me happy!

  4. Hey Margie – love your spread – do I recognize some of those papers!! Oh my – there are birds in there too! LOLLOLOL. It is hard photographing projects. I’ve tried many many ways and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t!

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