Friend Mim asked if I had ever heard of Cinquain Poetry. I had not. So I looked it up and here is a description and example of it:

The Cinquain is a highly structured form of poetry. The format commands attention to word choice, word meaning, syllabication and parts of speech, while at the same time expressing a meaningful message.


I think she double- dared me! So I had to try it. The hardest part was line 4. Definitely a challenge. I had to put on my thinking cap! Here it is:

Soothing, soulful
Hearing, playing, singing
Creative outlet that nurtures

“Solo Violin III”


No better way to add feeling to my poem then to offer the gorgeous works of Patricia Riascos Edie. Do yourself a favor and spend time visiting her site for further inspiration. She is an amazing artist and wonderful lady I have had the pleasure to meet. Pat, if you read this, consider it an invitation to lunch. And, I would LOVE to see where you create your masterpieces. I am truly in awe of your talent.

Poetically inspired, Margie

P.S. to Rachel and Debbie: Have at it you two. I know you won’t be able to resist.


8 thoughts on “A POETRY CHALLENGE

    • Wonderful Ellen! It makes me smile knowing you are toodling around old posts. They just kind of get lost on a dusty shelf. I plan on posting some of my favorite past posts here and there, as many have only seen my more recent posts. I’m sure you will enjoy Pat’s paintings. She is a wonderful artist. Xo

  1. I haven’t thought about cinquain poetry in years. I used to teach it to my second grade students. Such freedom for a young writer. Their poems were excellent. The bonus is you can sneak a great grammar/usage lesson in and they hardly notice it!

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