This capture has a dreamy quality about it. I love the hot orange and pink against the blue/purple background. This time of year, I figure you won’t get bored if I keep posting photos filled with color. It will keep us going until the spring thaw when we see posies popping up from the newly awakened earth.

Just found out, the photo I submitted for entry in the Michigan Fine Arts Competition made it in! Remember this one?
“Lemon with your Tea?”

Doing a happy dance the entire weekend! Have a great one, Margie

6 thoughts on “NEVER ENOUGH COLOR!

  1. Hi Margie – how are you. Love the combination of orange and pink – its a combo we rarely think of but all the most beautiful combinations already exist in nature.
    Hey CONGRATS on your photo submission : o it’s beautiful and dreamy and surreal – just the way I like ’em.
    As you suggested I’m in the studio getting down and dirty – talk soon

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