“Gifts from the Heart”

I twittered that I was having my gal pals from art class over for a cocktail party on Friday night. To say we had a blast was an understatement! We ate, drank and were merry. Chef Michael made us amazing delectables to eat, then headed to parts unknown, LOL, along with Quincy! We laughed, danced (to the Bee Gees no less) and carried on the entire evening. Although I made it clear they were to arrive with only slippers in hand, (they listened to that part, how cute is this pic?),
they all arrived with special somethings for me. Four of the items I arranged for the photo shoot pictured above. Can you believe they didn’t call each other in advance to select a color palette? And not pictured, were two gorgeous bouquets of tulips. I am truly blessed with the gift of friendship. I now refer to us as “The Magnificent Seven”. Wasn’t that an old time western? Who cares, it applies!

With a grateful heart, Margie



5 thoughts on “GOOD TIMES!

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  2. This blog Brought a huge smile to my face Magnificent 7 I love it! And I love all 7 of us!!!!!

    Big Hugs D

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