Two of my friends couldn’t resist writing a Diamante Poem after reading my post a couple of weeks ago. Both wonderful and oh so different from each other.

Here’s Rachel’s:

Brief, transient
Falling, soaking, fleeting
April flowers bees earth
Shining, dazzling, nurturing
Warm, bright

And Debbie’s:

Crazy, creative
Whirling, going, giving
Friend energy dynamo presence
Hesitating, loving, sharing
Loyal, resourceful

I wrote this Haiku the other morning. Since this is poetry corner, and it has to do with finding our creativity…

What ignites the spark/That fuels your creative side?/Just give it some thought
Now don’t hesitate/To plunge into the depths of/Creativity
Never enough time?/It is something you must claim/In order to shine
We all have talents/In one form or another/So why not find yours?
Stop the excuses/Just pick up a pen and write/Or paint a rainbow
You may be surprised/To discover a passion/Just lying in wait
Don’t know till you try/I wonder what will surface/If you dive right in!

This was painted by one of pal Sandra’s talented sons, and given to her as a 60th birthday present. I thought it quite fitting to include today, as we have much to explore in this journey called life. Don’t be afraid to go through the door to see what awaits you on the other side. No guts no glory!

With a creative heart,


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