Picking the photos for this collage was as challenging as writing that very first blog post! Speaking of my first post, this is what I said:


Where do I start?  I have thought so long and hard about this I think my head might explode.  It is 12:48 a.m.  I should be sleeping, but blog thoughts are running rampant. So, I decided to get my butt out of bed and write something. Oh, did I mention I have my phone alarm set for 3:15 a.m. because Michael and I are leaving for Arizona and God knows you have to get to the airport at 5 for a 7 a.m. flight?  Alrighty then, I wrote something and I’m going back to bed.  Now, when I get back from Scottsdale on Friday, I won’t be starring at a blank slate. Stayed tuned.  Once I get the hang of this whole thing, you won’t be able to stop me.  Hugs, Margie


I guess I wasn’t kidding about not being able to stop me, as I have published 313 posts since that time. Yikes! My blog has evolved as I have. We never stop changing and growing no matter our age, which is a good thing. That being said, I have decided to post a little less from now on, a few days a week as opposed to SEVEN, so I can keep my creative well filled to overflowing. To do so, I must have less screen time and more me time. My creative mind spins with ideas which I find exhilarating. Now to act upon them and share the results with you. My zen eyes will be in the middle of it all, shutter finger at the ready.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! TODAY IS MY GIVEAWAY!! All you have to do is leave a comment. At 10:00 tonight, I will randomly draw a name from a hat. Seriously, I will use a hat. I just have to find one other than a beanie, LOL, and will announce the winner tomorrow. The lucky duck who wins, will get to choose 5 photos from my flickr site, which I will make into cards and send to you. Simple, no gimmicks or fine print to contend with! LOL, again!

Many thanks for joining me on my journey. It has only just begun!

Really, really big hugs, Margie

20 thoughts on “ONE YEAR IN THE TRENCHES!

  1. Happy Happy One Year to you!!!! So glad that you kept it going and have become one of my blogging friends 🙂 I can completely relate to the concept of stepping away from the computer to spend time exploring your own creativity. Can’t wait to see how it comes through here.

  2. Congratulations and happy blogiversary! I love the photo mosaic–simply gorgeous! You have such a great eye for the little beautiful details. Enjoy your trip! xo K

  3. Beautiful collage of all your lovely photos. Think that was a great first post at least you got a paragraph my first post was one sentence. Looking forward to sharing 2011 with you. Charmaine

  4. every morning at 7 a.m. I read your blog and admire your beautiful photos…makes my day (even though I have to remember that you are up to your ears in snow and it has been 76 here!) 🙂
    Greetings from SoCal!

  5. Congrats on your blogversary, Margie!! Your perserverance has brightened many a day, inspired others towards creativity, caused some to reflect on the quiet luxury of an empty house and made us smile. THANK YOU! Now, since I’ve put my two cents in, put my name in that hat of yours!

  6. So, Margie……are we thinking yet of publishing an art book of your photos?? Or at the very least a full color poster (much like your post today) ?? Hmmmm.

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