The Hat! I told you I would find a hat!


The Contenders!


The winner, Dale! Congratulations!!!

Thank you for all your kind words my friends! To my ninja followers who prefer to remain anonymous, I know you are out there rooting me on, and I appreciate your quiet support from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs for you all, Margie

10 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. Hi Margie – thought I’d stop by and say hello and maybe look around a bit. I’ll be announcing my blog winner on Friday so stay tuned. So sorry I missed your giveaway – I wasn’t quick enough on the draw. Getting your order all ready and packaged by the way – will let you know once it’s in the mailmans hands
    Talk soon

  2. Foul! I demand to see the instant replay. I have clients who paid good money to win. If I wind up with a broken leg, I’m putting you on notice to pay my medical bills. I’ll probably have other questionable rehab exercises you’ll be responsible for.

  3. Dang! I go away for a few days and look what happens…you have a giveaway! Shoot! Anyhoo….good for you on limiting your posting days…the “list” of our to-do’s gotta be shorter so we can get all the creating in! xoxo

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