I was having a creatively fun day at a collage journaling workshop hosted by Kathy McCreedy. Kathy is an incredibly talented artist who has been featured in some of my very favorite publications!!! Her website is filled with her musings about many things and showcases the talents of others besides herself.  Kathy is warm and very unassuming. As you can see in these photos from a couple of her journals, she is a calligrapher as well and, as her website header claims, is in love with letters. Usually the artists I read about, and would kill to take a class from, always live somewhere other than here. HA, not this time! Kathy and I hit it off, so we hope to get into some creative trouble together sometime soon. Can’t wait!

This is what I did yesterday!

Front Cover
Of course I found the bird first and that was it! Don’t you love the bow I made for his neck? Couldn’t resist!

Back Cover

Now the challenge is to fill the damned thing! And, maybe add a little something more to the front and back covers as time goes on, if I find just the right thing. Go Margie! You can do it! Have a creatively beautiful Sunday my friends. Hugs, Margie 


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