Today marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year! The rabbit is the fourth of twelve animals associated with the Chinese lunar calendar. People born in the Year of the Rabbit (my best girl Betsy was!) are said to be sensitive, cautious and lucky. The Lunar New Year is celebrated primarily by people of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan and Mongolian heritage by holding parades, parties and other special celebrations. Kumquats are given as gifts and eaten for luck at this time of renewed hope for the future. I thought these stamps commemorating this Lunar New Year of the Rabbit were gorgeous, and they will grace the envelopes of my written missives until I run out of them! I for one, am running out to buy a truckload of kumquats and suggest you do too! Happy Lunar New Year! Margie

6 thoughts on “THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT

  1. Mmhh, I am a rooster and opposite of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Metal versus wood: means not a good year for the rooster. I am so glad there are others (e.g. Druid Horoscope) I can believe in.

  2. My postal clerk didn’t even mention these cute stamps when I went there the other day. Hmmm. These are very beautiful. I’m glad you posted these so I’ll know to ask for them. I’ve taken photos of some cute bunnies that I have but forgot to post them today. I think I’ll have to start the Chinese New Year tomorrow.

  3. I was born in the year of the rabbit! I just picked up a sheet of these stamps yesterday after the postal guy asked “have you seen our cute new stamps?!” Love em.

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