“Berry” Red

Ooh, just what I needed to see in these gray days of January! Love the berry red against the bright blue sky, which was visible for such a short time. For the birds that brave the cold, it must be like us plucking a frozen grape from the freezer. Stay warm my friends! Hugs, Margie

3 thoughts on “”BERRY” NICE!

  1. Hi Margie!
    At first glance, I really thought these were apples! Hopefully the birds will find these pretties and feast on them during the cold. That snow looks so white and beautiful. And yes, I agree with you, the berry red and the bright blue sky is a lovely sight to look at.

  2. Just catching up on your beautiful blog as well… I love your writing and your photography. I’m so glad Angela introduced me to it! Now I have added you to my reader. 😉

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