She had me at “I adore living a meaningful life and am a seeker of simple things.” And then, “Most days it seems that simple things find their way straight to my heart through the lens of my camera. After I capture a perfect moment, I head to my computer-words swirling through my head, camera in tow, and place this little life of mine onto my blog. I may post a picture of myself wearing red shoes, an elderly couple holding hands, a balloon, the kind way my daughter kisses our dog on the nose, cupcakes on Wednesday for no reason at all, or capturing the color brown in my son’s eyes.” HELLO! She was DEFINITELY speaking to me!

Christina was featured in the current issue of my favorite magazine in the world, “Artful Blogging”. Her article, perfectly titled “Capturing the Simple things in Life”, was the very first one in the issue. I devoured her eloquent words and amazing photography, threw my magazine down (carefully I should add) and ran to my computer to tell her how much I enjoyed meeting her, as it is exactly how I felt when I was through reading her story.

She makes no bones about life struggles, looks for strength through faith, adores her beloved Jamaica, her family, photography, cooking (she is a classically trained chef!) and a myriad of other endeavors. Christina is playful, funny, joyful, honest and warm. These blessings shine through her blog. I try to visit and get my dose of this talented woman daily. Enter her little corner of the world right here. Hugs, Margie

9 thoughts on “CHRISTINA MARTIN OF soul aperture

  1. Margie,
    thank you so very much. your kind words continue to warm me.
    i always said, if that article helped me meet people i didn’t know, it would just hang the moon for me.
    i look forward to our friendship blooming. ; )

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