Just do it!
Another new year to make memories
No better time to be in the present
Uncover your hidden talents
Alone time is a must
Reassess your priorities
YOU should be at the top of the list!

“Seen Better Days”

I liken this image of a lemon wedge taken the morning after a night of entertaining to how we all feel after the holidays are over. After over-indulging in just about everything, ho-ho-hoing until we drop, we just fizzle out. If you are like me, I always look at January 1st as a fresh start. Time to get back into routines, exercise, eating healthy, imbibing less, and hopefully, getting a little more shut eye. I’m not talking new year resolutions here, which usually fall by the wayside despite the best of intentions, just the basic day to day stuff that keeps our mojos going.

I had a wonderful holiday even with my mishap at the beginning of December. By the time my chickens came home to roost, I hardly missed a beat. What I probably missed most, was being creative every day. Going outside to take photos in December was out of the question, but shouldn’t be a problem now, provided no ice storms derail me.Yippee!!! When you think about it, isn’t it the simple pleasures in life we enjoy and value the most? May this brand spanking new year bring you simple pleasures galore, good health and joyful moments each and every day. I for one, am ready to dive in and start the year off with a bang. Well, maybe not a bang, but with a nice, peaceful, bong on a gong! Big first of the year hugs, Margie

6 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Happy New Year Margie! I knew that bum arm wouldn’t hold you down for long! Hope you enjoyed your time with Betsy and Paul. Looking forward to seeing in soon.

  2. Hi Margie! it has been a while…..
    I LOVED the picture of the lemon, very well taken! and yes it captures the spirit after the holidays….
    Hope you are well and had a great Christmas.

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