“Who’s There?”

I finally managed to get a cute shot of the neighborhood squirrels which usually scatter to the tree tops as I always have Quincy with me. He doesn’t bark or try to go after them, but his sheer presence is enough to make them run. We surprised these two who appeared to be busy gathering nuts and such for the winter. Or, maybe they were getting stuff together for a Thanksgiving feast with their other squirrel friends! Glad I caught them between the shadows. Margie

4 thoughts on “CAUGHT IN THE ACT

  1. I rarely catch my squirrels in action, scoring the apple cores I leave for them in the crook of my tree, but I did manage to get a photo of one last week. Posted it on my blog. I enjoy watching these little critters, though I have to keep it a secret from one of my friends as she really, really hates them. Yes, she’s that strong in her dislike of them. For me, I have nothing precious for them to dig up, so I enjoy them running up and down the tree, along the fence, and occassionally staring at me as I look at them from the window.

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